Historical and Hero of Chinggis King Tour

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Eastern Mongolia has very wild nature which is not destroyed. Eastern Mongolia is where heaven and earth fuse into one part a blank state of Blue Sky colliding with an equally empty sea of the largest and last undisturbed steppe ecosystems in the world, and is the core habitat of the Mongolian gazelle! There are about 800 tombs of worshiped Khankhentiimountain, Battle field and monuments of Khalkh river during the World War II. The biggest cave is the Steppe cave, Canyon of Khatavch consist rock before 350000 years. Beautiful Ganga Lake is gathering thousands of swans and other waterbirds, Specific shaped stones of Budar and Gadas. Mostly comprising the Khalkh majority. The ethnic group Buriat is there.

Tour Overview

Duration: 10 nights 11 days

Converting Distance: 3000 km

Accommodation: Ger camp

Food: 11 breakfast 11 lunch 10 dinner

Group Size: min 1-2, max 6 (big groups are available)

Activity: Horse riding,Eagle watching, Swimming, Bird watching, Visit to local nomad’s family

Tour fare included
  • Accommodation during the trip
  • Driver+4WD vehicle+petrol
  • English speaking tour guide/cook
  • All meal/ Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner/
  • Bottled water supply for 1.5 liter p.p everyday
  • Entrance fees for the national parks and museum
Tour fare excluded
  • International airfare
  • Personal Items
  • Optional activity costs
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Snacks
  • Travel insurance


Day 1 Terelj National Park

This day we will visit to Bogd King Winter Palace and Terelj national park. You will do horse riding here. It is about 80 km north-east of UB, is a deservedly popular destination. At 1600 meter, the area is cool and alpine scenery is magnificent, and there are great opportunities for hiking, climbing and do horse riding. The park is over 102 million hectares large. The landscape is looking a little bit like the Alps. It is a national park that is started to develop in the 1960s and officially was classified as a national park in 1994. It is almost uninhabited by humans only by a few nomads and farmers. Overnight in a Ger camp

Day 2 Black heart of Blue lake – Khukh Nuur via Chinggis Statue

At the end of the day we will visit to Blue Lake. Blue lake in the KharZurkh Mountain is a beautiful place located in Tsenhermandalsoum, Khentiiaimag, Mongolia. Besides being a beautiful nature, the place is unique due to the fact that the most important event of history of Mongolia took place here. Blue lake is a beautiful fresh water lake located at 1675 metres above sea level. The surrounding areas of the lake are forested Mountains which together form one of the most attractive places in Mongolia. Overnight in a Ger camp

Day 3 Baldan Bereeven Temple

Today we will drive to BaldanBereeven Temple. It was first built in 1777. Its surrounded by 4 mountains each said to resemble an animal, a lion on the east, a dragon on the south, a tiger on the west and a garuda on the north. It was home of 1500 lamas. It was destroyed by thugs in the 1930s and by fire in the 1970s. Now only ruins remain. The monastery is currently being restored by tourist volunteers under the auspices of the American based Cultural Restoration Tourism Project. The Project is due to be completed by 2006. Overnight in a Ger camp 

Day 4 Dadal village

After breakfast we will drive to the village called “Dadal” where is believed to be the birthplace of Chinggis.The biggest river in Dornod area is Khalkh River. The west bank of the river is taller than the east bank. If you see from the east bank, it looks like wall that covers over, so that it is called as “Khalkh” river which means “shield” in Mongolian. The river that flows through Khalkhgolsoum of Dornodaimag is 233 km long and flows into Buir Lake determining the border line between Mongolia and China. The Khailaast River flows into the Khalkh River. In 1939 an undeclared war was held between Japan - Manchu and The Soviet Union – Mongolia near the Khalkh River. Overnight in a Hotel 

Day 5 Second day at the Dadal village

This day is no driving and more for relaxing day. Will visit to the 3 lakes which is called “Kholboonuur” and big statute of ChinggisKhing. Overnight in a Hotel 

Day 6 Kherlen river

After breakfast we will drive to Kherlen River. The Kherlen River is one of the biggest rivers in the Eastern Mongolia within the Pacific basin. The river takes its origin at the upper part of the Khentii mountain range and flows to the south first, and then gradually to the east and ultimately joins Dalai Lake in China. The river watershed area is 116455 km.sq and length of 1090 km in the territory of Mongolia. The River Kherlen area is full of migratory birds in summer and it is very beautiful to watch them in the early morning and evening.Overnight in wild camping.

Day 7 Taliin Agui, Shiliin Bogd

Today we will drive to ShiliinBogdmountain which is especially for the man’s fortune and on the way visit to “Steppe Cave”. “ShiliinBogd” mountain is raised up 1778 m high a.s.l. Around the mountain there are 222 dead volcanic craters. You can see 200 of them from the top of the ShiliinBogd. The steppe cave is about 200m long and ice cool, size of the cave is like big 5 wall ger’s size.Overnight wild camping.

Day 8 Dariganga village – Ganga lake

Early morning we will drive to “Dariganga” village visit to “AltanOvoo” sacred volcano. AltanOvoo was named Dari Ovoo previously. After they worship the (Golden ) it start named by “AltanOvoo”. This is also for only a man. Not for a women and a children. Overnight in a Ger camp

Day 9 Khentii Province

Will drive to Undurkhaan capital city of Khentii province. Stay on the way there overnight. It is established in 1930. Having 17 villages. The great khan of the Mongols Chinggis khan, creator and leader of the Mongol Empire is claimed to have been born and grown up in the Khentii Province. The mountain BurkhanKhalduun in the Khan Khentii Strictly Protected Area is considered sacred and assumed to be the birthplace of ChinggisKhaan. Overnight in a Hotel 

Day 10 AvargaToson Mineral Spring

Today we will drive to Khodooaral to esxploreAvragaToson Mineral Spring which has underground mineral water source. Overnight in a Ger camp

Day 11 Back to UB

Today we will head to UB city. We will have a lunch on the way. 


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