Fishing Tour

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Fishing in Mongolia is wonderful experience. We have over 4000 rivers and more than 30 lakes - all totally unspoilt and unpolluted, and a fabulous place to catch a wide variety of fish. Although many of them are similar varieties to those found in European rivers, Mongolian fish are much bigger and more abundant - much more satisfying for a day at the river! The Taimen, the largest fish in the salmon family, is a real challenge to catch - try your luck on this tour! The average Taimen is around 33 inches and weighs roughly 10 pounds, however, there will be multiple chances every day to try catching fish over 50 inches.
The peaceful environment offers a perfect opportunity to escape the tension of the city and just relax and unwind. The fishing season lasts from about August 20th till October 20th. During this period, there is no rain and water is usually transparent and at a low level, enabling the best catch. June 15th to July 5th is also possible as the water level is normal, however there is occasional rain.

Tour Overview

Duration: 18 nights 19 days

Converting Distance: 3100 km

Accommodation: Ger camp

Food: 19 breakfast 19 lunch 18 dinner

Group Size: min 1-2, max 6 (big groups are available)

Activity: Fishing, Bird watching, Visit to local nomad’s family, Exploring Taimen

Tour fare included
  • Accommodation during the trip
  • Driver+4WD vehicle+petrol
  • English speaking tour guide/cook
  • All meal/ Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner/
  • Bottled water supply for 1.5 liter p.p everyday
  • Entrance fees for the national parks and museum
Tour fare excluded
  • International airfare
  • Personal Items
  • Optional activity costs
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Snacks
  • Travel insurance


Day 1 Amarbayasgalant Monastery

At the end of the day visit to “Amarbayasgalant” monastery and enjoy the other nice monuments. It is ever beautiful and hidden jewel known as Amarbayasgalant monastery which is situated in the Iven river valley. The monastery was established in 1727-1736 in memory of Undur Gegeen Zanabazar at the order of the Manchurian emperor. Overnight in a Ger camp

Day 2 Hutag-Ondor village – Selenge river

We will drive to the Selenga River (often called Selenge River) is a major river in Asia that forms at the confluence of the Ider and Delger Rivers in northern Mongolia. It flows northeastwards through Mongolia and Russia and forms a large delta on the southeast shoreline of Lake Baikal, the world'slargest and deepest freshwater lake. Tributaries include: Eg River, Dzhida River, Orkhon River, Khanui River, Chikoy River, Khilok River, and Uda River. The Selenga is the primary contributor of water to Lake Baikal, and its tributaries drain approximately 80 percent of the lake's watershed.

The average discharge of the Selenga River into Lake Baikal varies from 100 m3/s in winter to 1,700 m3/s during spring snow melt. Overnight in a wild camping

Day 3, 4 Confluence of Eg & Uur river

Today we will drive to the Eg river has its source in the Lake Huvsgul and flows about 500 km, joioning the Selenge river in northern momgolia and so to Lake Baikal in Siberia. The Eg river has numerous species of fish, such as Taimen, Brachymystax Lenok. Uur river is 331 km in long. It’s area is 12300km Mongolia ‘s pristine Eg- Uur river basin now remains one of the last strongholds of healthy Taimen population. Overnight wild camping

Day 5 Moron city

After breakfast we will drive to Moron city. The province has 24 villages and founded in 1931. It officially covers 101000 sq km. With 123,766 population. The region is home to many ethnic minority groups: Darkhad, Khotgoid, Uriankhai, Buriat and Tsaatan. Will take a permission here. Overnight in a Ger camp 

Day 6 Tsagaan nuur village

After breakfast we will drive to White lake in Taiga. Will start fishing here. Overnight in a wild camping

Day 7, 8, 9, 10 Confluence of Tengis & Shishged River

We will drive to Tengis and Shishged river. The Shishged River in Mongolia and in Tuva. Its part of the Yenisei’s drainage basin and the headwater of the small Yenisewi. It flows through the Darkhad valley in northwestern Khuvsgul province, Mongolia and then westward through the Ulaan Taiga Mpountain Range to Russia. Length is 344km, 298 are in Mongolia. Tengis river runs through the western part of “East taiga” the northern extension of the Darkhad valley. The river starts near the Russian border, in the northernmost tip of Mongolia. It ends as a right hand tributiary of the Shishged River. Overnight in a wild camping

Day 11 Beltes river

Today stay around this river on the way back to Moron city. Look for some fish here.

Day 12, 13, 14 Around Ar Bulag village

Today we will be looking for some fish from the beginning of Delgermoron River. Overnight in a wild camping

Day 15, 16 Delgermoron river

We will be keep looking for some more fish at the end of the Delgermoron river. Delger Moron river (Delgermurun river) located in the Khuvsgul province. About 50km south of Moron, on the border with the Arkhangai province, is area where the Ider, Bugsei, Chuluut, Delger Moron rivers converge and emptying into the Selenge river. The Delger river takes it's source from the Ulaan Taiga Mountain and flows for 445 kilometers to join the Ider river. The Delger is a karge river, with as many species of fish as found in the Selenge river. The length - about 290 km.September and October - the best time for fishing. Overnight in a wild camping

Day 17 Tsenher hot spring

After breakfast we will drive to the Tsenher Hot Spring. The SPA is +86C hot. Here you will have opportunities to have bath in the healing spa. The spring consists of elements such as sulphur and calcium.Relax in the hot spa. Overnight in a tourist camp.

Day 18 Kharkhorin – Erdene Zuu Monastery

Early morning we will start drive to Kharkhorin ancient capital city and will visit to the Erdene Zuu Monastery. It’s a ancient capital city called kharkhorin where developed Kharakhorum capital of Great Mongolian Empire in 13th century. Explore Erdene Zuu Monastery Musuem. It is a biggest Buddhist center in medieval ages and it was closed and badly damaged in 1930s. Visit to some other sightseeing. Overnight in a Ger camp 

Day 19 Back to UB

Today we will head to UB city. We will have a lunch on the way 


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