Tsenher hot spring


This spring lies south of Tsetserleg town in Arkhangai province and comes out from far deep part of the ground and its water is not mixed with soil waters because it is hot. Also the spring is kept in high pressure under the ground flow rate is high, 10 liters per seconds. The water has high mineral content and containing everything from simple calcium, sodium to sulphuric. Folklore claimed medical value some of this springs have, they are often popular tourist destinations for Mongolian people. The spring produce water that is good for health reasons and water is effect for joints, nerve system and considered good for many other diseases. Sometimes, people drink the water for diabetes and stomach ulcer and disabilities. Surrounding area is home of species of medicinal herbs. 

There is several tourist camps which are offering for tourists indoor and outdoor baths. They transfer the hot water via tubes from  and built some pools. Curative water and amazing nature featured by wooden mountains make this an excellent place for relax. Night bath is great. Sitting in the pool drinking while seeing stars at the dark sky is one of the favorite activity in here. The open air-baths are recommended.


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