Hustai national park


It is located on the north side of the Tuul River, about a two hour drive west of Ulaanbaatar. Although located in the central grasslands, Hustai means “with birch” because there are birch and aspen groves in the core area. It is hilly terrain, with the Tuul River forming the southern boundary.

It takes its name from birch trees growing in surrounding mountain forests. In Mongolian Khustai means “with rich” and nuruu means “mountain”. In 1993, Khustai Nuruu was upgraded from protected area status to reserve status and conservation measures were strengthened. In 1998, the area’s status was upgraded once more and Khustai NUruu Reserve became Khustai National Park. As a national park, regulations on land use were tightened and all grazing and hunting was forbidden. The Takhi re-introduction project is part of a world-wide initiative to return the highly endangered species to its Mongolian homeland. There you can see some other wild animal. 


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